If you want to learn more about Object-Oriented Design in Java, you can further check out Java Fundamentals: Object-oriented Design course on Pluralsight, it's free for one month in April, make most of that time to go through this course. data representation based on objects , methods representation based on objects). Java language is not a pure Object-Oriented Language because it has the following properties: 1. This differs from the more common meaning of "pure" object-oriented (everything is an object) in that Java has primitive types and primitive operations on them - int, char, double, float, long and addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. i know that java is called as pure object oriented language. why it is called so even though it has primitive datatypes and also it doesnot support multiple inheritance completely. No it isn't. 5993,why java is not pure object oriented language tutorial, question, answer, example, Java, JavaScript, SQL, C, Android, Interview, Quiz, ajax, html Primitive Data Type. A language that supports or has features to treat everything inside the program as objects can be called a Purely Object-Oriented Language, Fully Object-Oriented Language or Completely Object-Oriented Language. it only supports in the case of interfaces but not in the case of classes. Good question. then why it is called pure object oriented. Explanation of Object-Oriented Programming in Java. All moot because it isn't a "pure" OO language. This is supported by most modern languages (Java, C++, C#, Python, etc). Object-oreineted programming is a programming model which is based on representing things as "objects" which can have associated data and functions to operate on the data. OO is about objects, not classes, that's why it's called OO and not CO. And you can have objects in Java: two instances of the same interface can not inspect each other's representation, so instances of interfaces are objects and interfaces describe objects. An example of a purely Object-Oriented Language is Smalltalk, it is unlike C++ and Java. Why are we still using Java for object oriented programming? Learn: why java is not so pure object oriented language?Why java is not 100 % pure object oriented language? Java is called a "pure" object-oriented language because it requires that all code written in it be wrapped in objects. ex: JAVA is not a 'Pure Object Oriented Language' as in contains Primitive Data Types (int, long, double) and wrapper class. (i.e. Example – The Java Programming Language is based on Object-Oriented Programming Methodology or Paradigm that has different kinds of concepts such as Classes, Objects, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation, and Abstraction which can be described as below:. The primitive data types like int, char, float, bool, etc must not be supported by a Purely Object-Oriented Language. In Java, we treat predefined data types as non-objects but the primitive data types in Java are treated as objects in Smalltalk. If you compare Java to, say, Ruby, everything in Ruby is an object, even its primitives. Submitted by Preeti Jain, on February 02, 2018 . 1) First we will understand what object oriented language is?When we talk about everything in terms of objects. At first,according to Balaguruswamy,Java is purely object-oriented programming language,but the answer for your question can be :If ur method is static,then no need to create the object of the corresponding class to call the static method,so in this case,Java is not 100% object-oriented programming language. Well, no. I will modify the question a bit for my discussion here. That's why Java is not a pure object-oriented language. Java is called a "pure" object-oriented language because it requires that all code written in it be wrapped in objects. Fully Object Oriented Language A language is called FULLY object oriented if it contains all the fundamental features of object oriented programming and it … This means it also violates #6.